Ear Infections

Ear infections can be painful and persistent. They are sometimes hard to get rid of. Salt therapy or ‘halotherapy’ brings relief and healing to infections in the sinus and ear cavities in addition to helping the reccurrence of these infections. By inhaling the fine Dead Sea Salt aerosol that is dispersed in our salt suites, the healing properties of salt begin to take their effect, loosening and clearing mucus that harbors infection.

Children are more likely to suffer from ear infections than adults.

When you have an ear infection, the small tube that connects your ear to your throat becomes blocked with trapped fluid and mucus. This becomes infected and the infection can even spread into the bone behind the ear. Early detection and treatment is best. A salt therapy session will go to work on this area, relieving pain and pressure. This pressure and discomfort is why children with ear infections often fuss or even cry. Ear infections happen more frequently in children because their ear tube is smaller and so gets blocked more easily making it difficult for fluid to drain out of the ear.

At the Salt Suite we have both a Children’s salt room and an Adult therapy room. Even toddlers can be treated by the all-natural, completely safe method of salt inhalation.

The salt therapy provided by The Salt Suite has been proven effective for centuries in Europe but is new to South Florida. If you have any questions, please visit our FAQ’s and also, do not hesitate to call us. Call today to book your first visit to The Salt Suite and Breathe Easy!