The bronchial tubes are the tubes that carry air into your lungs. They can become irritated by colds or flu, and smoking. With bronchitis, these tubes become inflamed and lined with mucous. Coughing, fever, tiredness and body aches are typical effects of bronchitis. Now there is relief for this unpleasant condition.

Salt therapy provided by the Salt Suite is an all-natural alternative for treating bronchitis.

The dry salt aerosol penetrates your lungs, nasal cavities, sinuses, and bronchial tubes. Mucous then loosens, and clears away. You may cough a bit or blow your nose while having your salt treatment, and this is perfectly normal. It means the therapy is working! The salt aeresol not only reduces inflammation, it kills bacteria. Following a regimen of salt room visits will provide ongoing clearing of mucus and thus cleaner, healthier lungs and sinuses.

Margaret from the Delray Beach location talks about her experience…

“I suffer from a chronic cough and have recently enjoyed 12 sessions in The Salt Suite. It is a completely relaxing environment, comfy chairs, pleasant music and therapeutic salt mist being sprayed into the room. I can honestly say that my spasmodic coughing has been greatly reduced, I could feel the mist working as I breathed it in. I can’t say enough about this place, Jessica and Elliot are two of the most pleasant people you can meet and they go out of their way to accomodate your schedule. Take a few minutes to attend their open house, or pick up a flyer to try a free session, that’s how I started and signed up right after that session!”


– Margaret M.

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