Conditions Treated

Hello and welcome to the amazing benefits of salt therapy (or ‘halotherapy’) for a wide range of health conditions and ailments. As explained in the About Salt Therapy section, this effective treatment for respiratory, sinus and skin conditions came about because the positive effects were noticed in salt mine workers in Europe 150 years ago. Since that initial discovery, salt therapy has come a long way. Using advanced technology, we are able to re-create the micro-climate found in the salt mines in a comfortable, pleasant setting where you can find relief from the conditions listed.

Salt and the other minerals associated with it have incredible healing properties where you will notice benefits that you never expected. Often our patients tell us that they have more energy, less aches and pains, and less stress—overall, they feel better having salt therapy treatments. The Dead Sea Salt we use is reduced to tiny microns and simply filtered into the air while clients enjoy a spa setting. This is a safe and soothing way to improve many symptoms – look for your condition or that of your loved one and as always, don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.

The salt acts as an anti-bacterial throughout the air, on the walls, on everything in our rooms.  The rest of the facility is  not surrounded by salt, so we discourage anyone from coming in that may be contagious.

You can also view the FAQ’s page for commonly asked questions. If you have not yet read About Our Facility, doing so will help further explain how the conditions below are addressed by our salt rooms.