Breathe Easy With Salt Therapy for Stress

Life can be difficult to deal with sometimes. With everything you have to do in your busy day, stress can build up creating issues within your body that can be tough to deal with. Headaches, muscle pain, eye strain, and fatigue are just a few symptoms the body produces in response to stressful situations. You may have tried yoga or meditation to calm and center yourself to no avail.

Think of the tension alone you harbor in your shoulder area after a particularly bad day. You know what might help you breathe easier? A trip to an oasis of salt. That’s right halotherapy or salt therapy may be able to help you relax. Let’s look at all the ways being a client of the Salt Suite can help you deal with stress.

The Rooms are Calm and Inviting

Each carefully appointed salt room is pumped with tiny salt air particles by our “halogenerator.” All you have to do is sit in calm comfort in a cozy chair and breathe deeply.  The Salt in the room creates a negative ion environment.  The salt is neutralizing dust and dander, purifying the air.  This creates a calming effect.  Also, breathing is one of the best stress reducers around, even though we have to inhale oxygen all the time to live, taking the time to really focus on your breathing can help to reduce stress.

Salt Therapy Opens up Airways

The salty air opens up your airways allowing you to breathe more deeply way down into your lungs. Think of the beauty of being at the beach and taking in that salt water air. You feel refreshed and invigorated after a trip to a beautiful beach. You’ll feel a bit like that after a session in our salt rooms.

With Many Florida Locations Near You

We have five different locations in the south Florida area to serve you. So more than likely we’re only a short drive from your home. You can easily pop in on a weekly basis to experience the calm and benefits of salt therapy. In fact, halotherapy has been used for centuries to treat a variety of ailments, including respiratory issues, asthma, allergies, and even skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by reducing your stress. If you glean some relief with salt therapy, you might find that your whole body is much more relaxed and focused on the tasks you have to do every day. Contact us today at the Salt Suite if you have questions about how salt therapy can improve your life.

“During a typical adult session, customers put their feet up in a comfortable leather chair rest or read and breathe in a dry salt aerosol. The microparticles are blown in the air by halo generators. In our separate children’s room kids play in a big sandbox except with salt on the walls and floor and play while breathing in the dry salt air.”