All About Ragweed

As one of the most common allergens in the air, it can significantly affect your breathing during certain times of the year. It comes from the genus of plant called the Ambrosia, but there are 17 different species of ragweed. It’s everywhere!

Each plant can essentially shoot fine powder into the air that can cause allergic reactions in people. During certain times of the year, the prevalence of ragweed in the air can be worse than others. Here’s a little bit about ragweed that you might not know that can help you deal with the symptoms of the allergen if it affects you.

Symptoms Brought On By A Ragweed Allergy

When you suffer from a ragweed allergy your symptoms can be difficult to deal with. That can include, sinus pain and pressure, stuffy nasal passageways, scratchy throat, watery eyes, and even an itchy feeling in your ears. It can truly interfere with your functioning during the day and prevent you from getting restful sleep at night.

The Times Of Year Ragweed Is Brutal

It’s known that certain months are especially brutal for ragweed in the air. You’ll notice that weather newscasters on television track the pollen count, including ragweed, to share that news with their viewership. The spores from each ragweed plant can travel through the air up to 400 miles away. Those are far traveling allergens to deal with!

Knowing when ragweed is abundant in the air can be helpful in determining when you might need to take steps to treat the symptoms of a ragweed allergy. Typically red weed is bad in August through early November up North and November through April in Florida.   Although it can be a problem at other times of the year too. Here’s a helpful month-by-month calendar that shows how allergies pop up in different months.

A Great Way To Improve Your Response To Ragweed

Halotherapy or salt therapy can be helpful in treating the symptoms of an allergic response to ragweed. Breathing in a dry salt aerosol, like the ones in our salt rooms at the Salt Suite, can help to open up the nasal passageways and reduce inflammation in the sinuses. Your body with the right number of sessions at the Salt Suite will be able to handle that troublesome ragweed season better.

Only a trained doctor or allergy specialist can truly diagnose a ragweed allergy or any other seasonal allergy for that matter. If you are suffering with the symptoms seasonal allergies bring on, come by the Salt Suite or give us a call today. We’ll be able to set you up with your first session to see if coming to the Salt Suite on a regular basis might be able to help you breathe better.

“During a typical adult session, customers put their feet up in a comfortable leather chair rest or read and breathe in a dry salt aerosol. The microparticles are blown into the air by halo generators. In our separate children’s room kids play in a big sandbox except with salt on the walls and floor and play while breathing in the dry salt air.”